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Quiz: How well do you know Europe?

Quiz: How well do you know Europe?

Test yourself with our fun quiz on Europe. From cultural quirks to regional cuisine, we're sure you'll be scratching your head  with these 10 trivia questions about Europe.
If you find there's room for improvement (or even if you get 100%), an active holiday in Europe is the best lesson to expand your knowledge! 
How did you go in the quiz? Share your results in the below comment section and pass this quiz on to a friend.
All About The Camino de Invierno (Winter Way)

All About The Camino de Invierno

Our latest Camino tour offering is also the newest Camino trail in Spain: the Camino de Invierno (also known as the Winter Way). In this article, we explain everything you need to know about the Camino de Invierno, the attractions along the way, why you should walk the trail, and how you can complete this beautiful, remote Camino.

History of the Camino de Invierno

The Camino de Invierno was created by pilgrims who were walking to Santiago during the winter months and wanted to bypass O Cebreiro. This is a village that has an elevation of 1300m and attracts heavy snowfall. Naturally, pilgrims wanted a diversion and they forged the Camino de Invierno.

It is the only Camino route to pass through all 4 provinces of Galicia, so you get to experience the localities of A Coruña, Lugo, Pontevedra, and Ourense.
Beautiful view of Rairos from the Camino de Invierno (Winter Way). |  <i>Adolfo Enríquez</i>

When was the Camino de Invierno established?

Although there is nothing new about this route, having been used for centuries, the Camino de Invierno was recognised as an official Camino trail in 2016, making it the newest route to Santiago.

Where does the Camino de Invierno route go?

The Camino de Invierno starts in Ponferrada, a city in north-west Spain. It is an interesting launching point for a Camino departure as you can explore the Los Templarios Castle (complete with moat and drawbridge), the local El Bierzo Museum, and Renaissance-era churches. It then follows an ancient Roman road along the Sil River Valley into Galicia. Key towns and villages of the route are O Barco, Quiroga, Monforte de Lemos, Lalin and Galegos, before reaching the iconic Camino de Compostela.
Castle in Ponferrada is a feature while cycling or walking along the camino in Spain |  <i>Andrew Bain</i>

Why is the Camino de Invierno known as the Winter Way?

In Spanish, Camino de Invierno translates to the Winter Way largely because it was used primarily in the winter months to avoid O Cebreiro.

What are the highlights of the Camino de Invierno?

Passing through the Ribeira Sacra region is a highlight, being an important wine growing area with carefully planted vineyards hugging the steep mountainside above the river. An option to hang up your boots for the day and visit a wine cellar and enjoy a tasting lunch and catamaran trip is well worth it.
Other highlights of the route include Las Médulas, which is an archaeological park and UNESCO World Heritage Site, the dramatic canyons of the Sil River valley and the solitude a less walked trail offers.
Scenes from the Camino de Invierno (Winter Way) |  <i>Adolfo Enríquez</i> Arriving in Santiago de Compostela on the Camino de Invierno (Winter Way) |  <i>Adolfo Enríquez</i> The spectacular Mirador Cabo do Mundo on the Camino de Invierno (Winter Way). |  <i>Adolfo Enríquez</i>

Can I get my Compostela (Pilgrim's Certificate) while walking the Camino de Invierno?

You certainly can. This 267km/76 mile route ensures you are eligible for the official Compostela certificate of completion, which is issued by the Pilgrim's Office in Santiago de Compostela. The minimum length to complete to obtain your Compostela is 100km for walkers and 200km for cyclists. Both UTracks trips ensure you are eligible for the Compostela.
Passport stamps as we arrive in Sarria |  <i>Edwina Parsons</i>

How can I walk the Camino de Invierno?

There are two ways to walk the Camino de Invierno with UTracks. You can walk the full length of the Camino de Invierno, 267km/166 miles from Ponferrada to Santiago, over 15 days. Alternatively, you can start halfway in Monforte de Lemos and walk the 123km to Santiago from there in 8 days. Both are self guided tours that allow you to explore at your own pace.
Benefits on both trips include:
  • daily luggage transfers
  • comfortable accommodation in farmhouse B&Bs and hotels with local character
  • breakfasts
  • guidebook and information pack
  • pilgrims passport
  • 24/7 backup and support
Enjoy the hospitality of family run hotels on your Camino walk |  <i>Sue Finn</i>

Why should I walk the Camino de Invierno?

  • Get off the beaten track and explore the newest Camino trail to be officially recognised.
  • Encounter rural landscapes and quiet townships that do not get the foot traffic of other Camino routes.
  • Your entry into Santiago is from a different and more picturesque part of the city than other routes. 
  • Enjoy the satisfaction and sense of joy on completing the route is still shared by other pilgrims on arrival at the cathedral.
Arriving in the beautiful city of Santiago de Compostela after completing the Camino Trail |  <i>Edwina Parsons</i>

View Camino de Invierno tours



Are you interested in walking the Camino de Invierno? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.
Quiz: Which region in France should you explore?

Quiz: Which region in France should you explore?

Take our fun quiz to discover which region in France you should explore on your next active holiday. Will you get Provence or the Pyrenees? Alsace or the Alps? Find out now!
Were you happy with your result? View all of our walking, cycling and boat-based holidays in the various glorious regions in France below.

Where should you visit in France? Tell us your results in the comment section below, and share the quiz with a friend to see if they're joining you on an active holiday!
Mont Blanc Tours for Seniors

Mont Blanc Tours for Seniors

Many people choose to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc in their senior years. It's often at this stage of life people have more time to travel and to accomplish lifelong goals. 
The community of people walking the alpine trails around Mont Blanc is not restricted to a certain background, age or motivation. At UTracks, we offer Mont Blanc tours that are appropriate for a range of ages and abilities, from the Mont Blanc Family Adventure to the slower-paced Mont Blanc Rambler
Walking Poles Mont Blanc
If you're asking yourself: "Am I too old to walk the Tour du Mont Blanc?", you should consider that many people who go hiking in the Alps are 65 years old and older, even in their 70's and 80's. For instance, you can read the story of Joanne Lanzer, an 80-year-old, who hiked the famous trail. Thus proving you are never too old to walk the Tour du Mont Blanc!

Having said that, there are many advantages of using a Mont Blanc tour company that will help you accomplish a Tour du Mont Blanc hike. At UTracks, we provide: 
  • daily luggage transfers so you only walk with what you need for the day (water, light jacket, fruit); 
  • provide comfortable accommodation full of local character; 
  • give you peace of mind with 24 hour support and back up; 
  • and, if you're on a guided tour, a local guide will reveal cultural quirks not found in a guidebook. 
If you're a senior who wants the luxury of extra time to smell the roses along your Mont Blanc hike, our rambler tours are perfect for you. In this article, we'll describe the best Mont Blanc tours for seniors that are affordable, accessible, and above all, achievable.

Guided Rambler Mont Blanc Tour

On the Grand Col Ferret |  <i>elissa campbell</i>

Our Guided Mont Blanc Rambler Tour is specially devised for walkers who like to 'smell the roses' en route to the next comfortable gîte or mountain refuge. This relaxed walk around Mont Blanc still takes in the vistas for which the Tour du Mont Blanc is so famous. 
In the company of a small group of like-minded companions, a bilingual guide and a mule to carry your gear, the walk traverses high passes, meadows brimming with alpine flowers and wanders through typical mountain villages. There is ample time to stop and take in the stunning scenery, enjoy a picnic of local ingredients and absorb the alpine culture as you make your way to the next accommodation. This is relaxed alpine hiking at its best.
This tour is moderately graded, with daily walks of around 3-6 hours. There are some more demanding stages during the walk with steep uphills, descents, and many sections of the trail which require care. 
You will need a good level of fitness and agility to participate fully in this adventure. Preferably this has been a long term interest but if not, you have set a program of fitness preparation with at least three months lead in time to your trip. The fitter you are for your trip, the more of a holiday it will be. 
"I booked this trip with my son to celebrate my 70th birthday and what a fantastic trip it was. The scenery and alpine meadows were stunning. Some of the ascents were fairly steep, but the paths clear. Our guide made sure that we were walking at a comfortable pace with a good break for lunch. We walked for around 6 hours with breaks most days and it is readily managed provided you have a reasonable level of fitness. 
Our guide was excellent, explaining the scenery and the flowers to us, making sure that he explained the route to us from his maps and so on. Above all he was very friendly. The accommodation, although basic as expected, was above expectation and we were well looked after everywhere we stayed. For me this was a totally unforgettable experience and I thoroughly recommend UTracks and the Mont Blanc Rambler trek." Philip B., UK.

Self Guided Mont Blanc Rambler Tour

Rambling above a Swiss mountain village |  <i>Jac Lofts</i>
The key difference to the Self Guided Mont Blanc Rambler is that you walk the route without a tour guide. Instead, you follow the maps, navigational app, and directions we provide you with. 
Exploring the Tour du Mont Blanc on a self-guided journey allows you to walk at your own pace and set your own schedule. It is a new addition to our comprehensive range of Mont Blanc hikes.

Watch our Mont Blanc Guided Tour video


Alternative Alpine Walking Tours

Hiking in the Alps
There are also a variety of alternative alpine tours to the Tour du Mont Blanc if you would like to experience a different trail. We have listed some of our moderately-graded hiking trips that are suitable for seniors and those looking for a more leisurely walking holiday.
View these moderate alpine walking tours:
If you still have questions or some doubt that you are too old to walk the Tour du Mont Blanc, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of alpine hiking experts. We've been helping youths, seniors, and the young at heart all accomplish the Tour du Mont Blanc since 2006. 
And of course, it goes without saying that anyone with a good fitness level can experience our Mont Blanc tours.

Are you planning to walk the Tour du Mont Blanc? Do you have any queries? Let us know in the comment section below.
Watch: Loire Valley Cycling Tour

Watch: Loire Valley Cycling Tour

Oh, to be on a bike holiday in the Loire Valley, France! 
At just 2 hours by train from Paris, the World Heritage-listed Loire Valley is one of the best regions in France to explore by bike. Spend your days visiting impressive chateaux and riding through countryside that is lined with vineyards, orchards and farms. Discover the local culture in the charming towns of Blois, Amboise and Chitenay and - most importantly - sample the delicious local delicacies on offer.
Do all this on an unforgettable self-guided cycling tour with UTracks. Take a look at our range of active Loire Valley trips.
See what it's like to explore the beautiful Loire Valley region on a cycling tour in this enlightening video from the Loire Valley tourism board.

Do you want to explore the Loire Valley on a cycling tour? Let us know in the comment section below.
Watch: the Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury

Watch: the Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury

When we're not out exploring Europe, we're at home watching or reading about Europe. Recently, we've been watching the great TV show, The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury. Julia takes us off the beaten tourist trail and uncovers the hidden gems of the Greek Islands in gorgeous locations such as Corfu, Santorini, Crete and Rhodes.
Watch the YouTube episodes below and experience the Greek Islands for yourself with our comprehensive range of walking and cycling tours.
Here's the official synopsis: 
The television presenter, whose mother is Greek, uncovers the hidden side of well-known Greek Islands going off the well-trodden tourist track to explore, immerse herself in local traditions and sample the food. 
Happy watching!

Episode 1: Crete's Last Filo Pastry Master | Crete

Julia visits the picturesque, rustic and rugged island of Crete, exploring the Dikti mountains and its plateau of windmills, and visiting an island that used to be a leper colony.

Episode 2: Corfu: The Greek Island Riddled With Hidden Venetian Treasures | Corfu

Julia visits the lush Ionian island of Corfu, often called the least Greek of all the Greek islands. She discovers a little slice of Italy, and samples the delights of its cuisine.

Episode 3: Unexplored Santorini: The Unknown Rural Side Of The Glamorous Hot Spot | Santorini

Julia's journey brings her to the glamorous island of Santorini, where she discovers how one of the Aegean's poorest islands became a playground for the rich and famous.

Episode 4: Secrets Of Skiathos: The Paradise Island | The Sporades

Julia's journey reaches The Sporades, best known for the backdrop of the movie Mamma Mia. She explores a secret world of hidden coves and samples sea urchins.

Episode 5: The Island Of Rhodes: World's Oldest Inhabited Medieval City | Rhodes & Symi

Julia arrives in the Dodecanese, a far-flung group of islands at the gateway between Europe and the East where she visits the medieval capital of Rhodes.

Episode 6: Mythical And Mysterious Chios, The Land Of Mastica | Chios

Julia reaches her ultimate destination, the island of Chios, where her family's story began. She's joined by her mother Chrissi and together explore the home of their ancestors.

Have you explored the Greek Islands yet? What did you make of it? Let us know in the comment section below.
James Bond: No Time For Matera

James Bond: No Time for Matera

In the latest James Bond film, No Time To Die, 007 visits the cave-dwelling city of Matera in southern Italy. During his visit, he races about the beautiful cobblestoned streets on a motorbike and blows things up, naturally.
James Bond in No Time To Die
Unfortunately for him, he's missed out on a great opportunity to explore the hidden delights of Matera (and the neighbouring region of Puglia) if he had chosen slow travel by bike or foot. Watch the trailer below (or the film if it's showing in your region) and see what we mean.
At UTracks, we can right James Bond's wrongs. Experience Matera, and the neighbouring region of Puglia, on a wonderfully immersive walking or cycling trip. There is a comprehensive range of affordable trips to choose from:

Have you seen the new James Bond film, No Time to Die? What did you think? Are you interested in a Puglia trip? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
Why Our Staff Love Bike & Boat Trips

Why Our Staff Love Bike & Boat Trips

Every year our staff take to the field to experience a range of our active holidays across Europe so we are guaranteed to have experts on-hand to explain our unique style of travel and help you plan your perfect trip.  Read our staff recommendations below, then view all of our unforgettable bike and boat holidays.

Sales & Reservations Consultant, Allie, went on the 4-day Tulip Tour Bike & Barge through Holland with her mum. Cycling along canals, passing fields with gorgeous old windmills, visiting cheese factories and, of course, visiting the world’s largest tulip auction, Aalsmeer and the Keukenhof Gardens are all part of this compact cycle experience. 
“I was with my mum for her 70th birthday, neither of us are avid cyclists so we appreciated the dedicated cycle paths, which were also very flat. My mum chose an e-bike which meant that she was whizzing ahead of the group with the guide. This trip helped get my mum out of her comfort zone. 
The 'Jelmar' category A comfort barge had a cosy atmosphere which facilitated a lot of group bonding over local beers and was lovely to return to every evening. The trip enlightened me to the magic of cycling in Europe and since returning I’ve bought a bike and am looking forward to my next bike and boat trip in Croatia.”
  Keukenhof Gardens Tulip Tour
Sue, our PR Manager, went on a The Danube by Bike and Boat where she fell in love with e-bikes. 
“While this is not a challenging cycle route at all, we were keen to try the e-bikes and see what all the fuss is about. We absolutely loved them. They allowed us to cover a lot of ground (at least 50 km a day) and still have plenty of time to stop for long lunches, do some wine tasting, explore villages and take the suggested alternative routes (which often involved cycling up hills to castles, palaces and ruins). We loved that the trip was self guided but based on a comfortable barge.” 
Her highlights included:
  • The alternative cycle route up to Clam Castle and back down through the hills to Grein to sample ice-cream
  • Anything she consumed with apricot in it (dumplings, jam, liquor)
  • The town of Melk with its magnificent Abbey and gardens
  • The Danube Loop
  • The chocolate and liqueurs made by the monks at Abbey Engelhartszell.
  • Sitting on the top deck watching the sun come up as we glided along the Danube on the final day of our trip
Danube Bike Path
Reservations Supervisor Efti is our resident ‘Boat Expert’ – it’s even in her email signature! She had definitely earned the title, having been on many Bike & Boat trips since starting with UTracks in 2012. One compelling trip was the Burgundy Bike & Barge aboard a Category A+ barge. She loved waking up to a new view each morning and, of course, the ample wine tasting opportunities. Her biggest surprises were her spacious cabin and the flexibility her and her fellow cyclists had to choose their own route and decide how much they wanted to cycle each day. 
“St Emilion, which we visit halfway through one of the cycle days, blew me away with its historical beauty, despite all I’d heard about it being on the tourist trail. Of course, there were many tourists, but for a good reason – the wine shops, cloisters and views over the surrounding vineyards are really special."
  bike and barge holidays are a fabulous way to explore rural France, Holland and Belgium |  <i>Efti Poulos</i>
Sales Manager Jaclyn went on the Kvarner Bay Bike & Boat Deluxe trip. She says:
“If Mont Blanc is our must-do walk, I think a Croatia Cycle & Sail is our must do ride – it’s a perfect active holiday.” 
One of her favourite days was when they visited Rab Island: “After a walking tour led by our guide, we were taken to a great lookout point before a short cooking demonstration of the local cake and a tasting of Rab cheese. I loved Rab town, it’s picturesque and romantic and we decided to spend the evening off the boat, taking a long walk through the winding streets, up an old church tower for views and having dinner in a restaurant by ourselves."
  Jaclyn on Kvarner Bay Bike & Boat Deluxe
Reservations Consultant Hilary did the Amsterdam to Bruges - Comfort with her husband and three teenage boys. It was her first experience on a barge and now she’s a convert. 
“The daily active sightseeing along extremely safe cycle ways meant that my husband and I could cycle and chat together while our boys usually raced ahead to an agreed point which the guide would suggest along the way. Our guide was truly amazing and would often chat with the boys about interesting facts. Canals, windmills, Gouda cheese and herring tastings, as well as our jokes and conversations with the other international travellers on board, are the fabulous memories and images that come to mind. 
We all really enjoyed the luxury of not having to pack and unpack each day. This is definitely a great way to travel with your family.”
  Cycling along canal Amsterfam to Bruges
Dana travelled on our Veneto Bike & Boat trip from Venice to Mantua. Her highlights included:
  • The local guide, who was really informative and gave historical and social insights into Venice. Did you know that only around 50,000 citizens live in Venice now that most of the centre is ‘for tourists’?
  • All of the delicious local food (pesto pasta, prawn and zucchini risotto and guinea fowl to name a few favourite dishes) and an onboard challenge to make bigoli pasta using the traditional torchio machine
  • Heading into town most evenings after a long day’s cycling to have a drink with the other cyclists and guides before dinner
“There was a heatwave when I went, which made it challenging, but we survived by having regular bar and gelato stops each day. The terrain is flat and mostly on bike paths so apart from the heat it was relatively easy. I found it relaxing and quite therapeutic. I wasn’t a cyclist before doing the trip, but I feel more confident now and have even started cycling to work!"
Veneto Bike & Barge
To speak to an expert about our range of Bike & Barge or Cycle & Sail trips, contact us today.

Have you been on a bike and boat tour? Where did you go, how was the experience? Let us know in the comment section below.
Ultimate Guide to Bike and Boat Tours in Europe

Ultimate Guide to Bike and Boat Tours in Europe

Joining a bike and boat tour is a great way to explore Europe's waterways and towns. Consider the added benefits of covering a great deal of distance while only unpacking once, waking up to a different view each morning, and meeting like-minded travellers, and it’s easy to see why these active holidays are the talk of the town.
In this helpful guide, we discuss everything you need to know about taking a bike and boat tour in Europe. If you need more advice, feel free to contact our team of active travel experts.
Cycling the Danube River in Bratislava, Slovakia |  <i>Pat Rochon</i>

What is the difference between a bike and barge tour and a bike and sail tour?

A bike and barge tour cruises along the canals and rivers of Europe. Popular tours are in France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and exploring the many countries along the Danube river. Click to view our self-guided bike and barge tours or click for our guided bike and barge tours.
Veneto Bike and Barge Passau in the southeast of Germany is located at the Austrian border at the confluence of the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers. Bikes lined alongside the barge on our Berlin Bike & Barge trip

Bike and sail tours explore the open waters of the Mediterranean Sea and are popular in Croatia, Greece and Turkey. They are a fantastic way to explore the many idyllic islands of these nations. The vessels used are motorised yachts or gulets (a wooden Turkish sailboat). View all our bike and sail tours.
The majestic tallship, Atlantis Explore the Cyclades Islands on our Greek Island Bike & Sail trip Enjoying lunch on the Panagiota |  <i>Kate Baker</i>

What are the boats like?

We are proud to offer the largest range of bike and boat holidays in Europe, and with it, a comprehensive range of vessels that appeal to various budgets and tastes.


A barge is a spacious, usually flat-bottomed boat that typically features comforts such as a dining area, onboard chef, friendly staff, sunbathing lounges, and ensuite cabins. Barges are grouped in categories, from A+ to D, based on their facilities and level of comfort. Some of the large vessels can accommodate up to 135 passengers. On most trips it is possible to upgrade to a deluxe tour. Browse our full range of vessels.

Sail boats

Yachts also have different gradings according to their level of comfort and amenities, ranging from Deluxe Plus to Standard. On most trips it is possible to upgrade to a deluxe tour. Depending on the boat, these can feature a dining area, onboard chef, a local crew, sunbathing area, ensuite cabins, and even a hot tub!
Of course, personal taste also comes into play – some of you may prefer the smaller barges that are generally family-owned and run and oozing character while others may opt for the more luxurious vessels. Browse our full range of vessels.
MS Provence in Lyon View of the Middle Rhine Valley Boat moored at the ruins of 'Cleopatra's baths' on our Turkey Walk & Sail |  <i>Kate Baker</i>

How fit do I need to be for a bike and boat tour in Europe?

All of our active holidays are graded from 1 (introductory) to 5 (challenging). Bike and boat tours are generally on the more relaxing end of the grading spectrum. These gradings take into account:
  • the distance cycled each day,
  • topography and steepness of ascents and descents, and
  • impact of weather conditions.
You can expect daily distances between 25 and 55km/15.5 and 34mi, usually along cycle paths and low traffic roads. A bike and boat tour is ideal for beginner cyclists and anyone with a reasonable level of fitness.
There are generally options to upgrade your bike to an e-bike (electric bike) for an added boost to your pedalling. Read more about the benefits of e-bikes here.
Cycling in Croatia

What does a typical day look like on a bike and boat tour?

Each morning starts with a hearty buffet breakfast to fuel your day. Packed lunches are assembled before you head out. The boat will dock to land and the crew will get your bikes ready for the day’s journey.

If you’re on a guided tour, your guide will lead the way as you pedal through Europe’s beautiful countryside. For a self guided tour, you are free to cycle at your own pace as you follow the route notes (maps, navigation apps) of your itinerary.

At the end of the days cycling adventures, you’ll meet up with the boat. The crew will pack away your bike and you’ll have the evening free to prepare for dinner, socialise, read a book, or simply enjoy the surroundings as you cruise downstream. The best part about a bike and boat trip is only having to unpack once!

If you’d like to read some firsthand traveller experiences of a bike and boat tour with UTracks, find them in our Bike and Boat Travel Stories section in our blog.
Cycle the Inner Hebrides and the Scottish Highlands on our Scotland Bike & Boat |  <i>Scott Kirchner</i>

What are the most popular bike and boat tours?

Take a look at our best bike and boat tours page, where you can find the most popular trips for each country.

Are there family-friendly bike and boat tours?

Absolutely! A bike and boat holiday is a great way to spend quality time with the kids while exploring Europe. Find all of our family-friendly bike and boat tours here.
Family cycling along Danube

When is the best time for a bike and boat tour?

Bike and boat tours generally run between April and October, making the most of warmer temperatures. The peak period is during the European summer months of June, July and August. During summer, cabins on boats are naturally in high demand so we advise booking far in advance to avoid disappointment. However, if you're interested in fewer crowds then it is better to book outside of these months.

Should I go on a self-guided or guided bike and boat tour?

There are many benefits to having a professional guide lead your group. Guides are fountains of information on culture, language, and the hidden secrets of a country. Read our article on how guides make good trips great to learn more advantages.
On the other hand, our self-guided tours allow you to explore at your own pace. Travellers are provided with maps/directions and follow signposts that are clearly marked in most European nations.

Do you offer hike and boat tours?

Yes! For those travellers who prefer to explore on foot, you can find a selection of great hike and boat tours here.
Hiker taking in the view of the Lycian Coast |  <i>Kate Baker</i>

Find your bike and boat tour


Want more bike and boat information?

Find traveller stories, expert advice, videos, FAQs and reviews of our bike and boat tours on our bike and boat information hub.

Do you have any questions about a bike and boat tour? Ask them in the comment section below.

5 Amazing Winter Walks in Europe
There is no shortage of dramatic landscapes, historic landmarks, rich cultures and gastronomic delights to experience during the colder months. We’ve shortlisted our favourite winter walks in Europe that only operate in the off season or are best enjoyed chilled. 
Walk down to the Baths of Aphrodite where the lovely goddess is said to have bathed in a rock pool
  1. Winter Walking in Cyprus

Immerse yourself this winter in the unspoilt countryside of Cyprus on an 8-day walk through mountains, picturesque woodland and gentle orchards and vineyards interspersed with tranquil villages. A standout stop on the walk is the Baths of Aphrodite where, as the name suggests, the goddess of love is said to have bathed. 
Chase the spectacular Northern Lights in Iceland | Michael Goh


2. Iceland Northern Lights

Although this is one of our shortest itineraries, it certainly punches well above its weight in terms of activities and experiences. Chase the breath-taking natural phenomenon that is the Northern Lights, discover Iceland’s incredible geysers and waterfalls on foot and try your hand at hiking with crampons on the Sólheimajökull glacier. 
The Portuguese Way is a quieter but no less beautiful alternative to the Camino routes in Spain


3. The Portuguese Road - Tui to Santiago

This winter, follow in the footsteps of Celtic, Roman and Christian wayfarers on this lesser-known and less busy Camino trail. Known as the ‘inspired’ way, you’ll be impressed by the gorgeous countryside as you follow the trail from Tui to the magnificent city of Santiago, with its impressive architecture and cathedrals. 
Walk in winter the spectacular coastal paths that link the colourful villages on the Amalfi Coast


4. Amalfi Explorer

Sitting at the edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for the spellbinding beauty of its natural landscape. This 50-kilometre stretch of land is famous for its colourful houses, luscious greenery, rugged hillsides and mild climate in winter. Moving at your own pace, you’ll encounter some unforgettable sights, including the fascinating ruins of Pompeii, the bougainvillea-covered cliffside village of Positano, Naples’ bustling historic centre and the stunning island of Capri, on this 7-day self guided walk. 
Explore castles and palaces in the fairytale village of Sintra, Portugal | Linda Murden


5. Portugal Palaces and Coast Walk

This relatively new self guided walk in Portugal will take you on an unforgettable journey from the fairytale town of Sintra to the coastal resort town of Cascais. Discover palaces and manor houses, an austere 16th-century Franciscan monastery in Convento dos Capuchos, mystical Mediterranean woodlands, vineyards and charming fishing villages. This is the perfect trip for culture buffs who enjoy relaxed walks and scenic coastal views. 

>> Find out more about our range of active off season holidays today.  

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Huma enables those with adventurous spirits to challenge themselves and make a difference for a cause close to their heart. Travel, fundraise and meet life-long friends on one of Huma's meaningful and unique challenges around the world.
<img src='/portals/World%20Expeditions/Icons/brands/small/WB.jpg?v2' class='brandPopoverIcon' alt="Walkers’ Britain"> <div class='brandPopoverBrandName'>Walkers' Britain</div>
Walkers' Britain (formerly Sherpa Expeditions) have specialised in walking and cycling trips in the United Kingdom and Europe since 1973. Explore iconic trails and destinations on a self guided or small group active holiday with Walkers' Britain.
<img src='/portals/World%20Expeditions/Icons/brands/small/WB.jpg?v2' class='brandPopoverIcon' alt="Walkers’ Britain"> <div class='brandPopoverBrandName'>Walkers' Britain</div>
Walkers' Britain (formerly Sherpa Expeditions) have specialised in walking and cycling trips in the United Kingdom and Europe since 1973. Explore iconic trails and destinations on a self guided or small group active holiday with Walkers' Britain.
<img src='/portals/World%20Expeditions/Icons/brands/small/TAS.jpg' class='brandPopoverIcon' alt="Tasmania Expeditions"> <div class='brandPopoverBrandName'>Tasmanian Expeditions</div>
Tasmanian Expeditions is the most experienced operator of treks and adventure travel holidays in Tasmania. We own and operate the most comprehensive range of adventure holidays available across Tasmania's varied landscapes.
<img src='/portals/World%20Expeditions/Icons/brands/small/UTX-new.jpg' class='brandPopoverIcon' alt="Utracks"> <div class='brandPopoverBrandName'>UTracks</div>
UTracks are the active European holiday specialists. Whether you prefer cycling or walking, 2-star or 4-star, small groups or self guided, land, river or sea – UTracks can help you to explore Europe exactly the way you want.
<img src='/portals/World%20Expeditions/Icons/brands/small/WYA.jpg' class='brandPopoverIcon' alt="World Expeditions Schools"> <div class='brandPopoverBrandName'>World Expeditions Schools</div>
World Expeditions Schools is our specialist division dedicated to organising tailor made overseas school group adventures. Specialists in Service Learning projects, choose from more destinations than any other school group provider.
<img src='/portals/World%20Expeditions/Icons/brands/small/YOM.jpg' class='brandPopoverIcon' alt="Yomads"> <div class='brandPopoverBrandName'>Yomads</div>
Yomads offers adventures for the 20s and 30s on six continents. Designed as a way to bring young and likeminded travellers together, Yomads caters to those interested in lightly structured and active trips that allow freedom to roam and explore.
<img src='/portals/World%20Expeditions/Icons/brands/small/ACT.jpg' class='brandPopoverIcon' alt="Australian Cycle Tours"> <div class='brandPopoverBrandName'>Australian Cycle Tours</div>
Australian Cycle Tours specialises in high quality self guided and guided cycling experiences in a selection of the most beautiful regions in Australia.
<img src='/portals/World%20Expeditions/Icons/brands/small/WEX.jpg' class='brandPopoverIcon' alt="World Expeditions"> <div class='brandPopoverBrandName'>World Expeditions</div>
The pioneers of original, worldwide adventure travel holidays since 1975
<img src='/portals/World%20Expeditions/Icons/brands/small/TJX.jpg' class='brandPopoverIcon' alt="Trail Journeys"> <div class='brandPopoverBrandName'>Trail Journeys</div>
Self-guided cycling experts on New Zealand's Otago Rail Trail and more
<img src='/portals/World%20Expeditions/Icons/brands/small/BMAC.jpg' class='brandPopoverIcon' alt="Blue Mountains Adventure Company"> <div class='brandPopoverBrandName'>Blue Mountains Adventure Company</div>
The original Blue Mountains canyoning, hiking, climbing and abseiling experts
<img src='/portals/World%20Expeditions/Icons/brands/small/GWNZ.jpg' class='brandPopoverIcon' alt="Great Walks of New Zealand"> <div class='brandPopoverBrandName'>Great Walks of New Zealand</div>
Explore New Zealand's most spectacular wilderness regions with the self-guided hiking experts
<img src='/portals/World%20Expeditions/Icons/brands/small/NAA.jpg' class='brandPopoverIcon' alt="North America Active"> <div class='brandPopoverBrandName'>North America Active</div>
USA Canada hiking & cycling tour specialists, choose from self-guided or guided trips