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From the Camino de Santiago to the French Alps, the glaciers of Iceland to the warm Mediterranean waters of Greece, whether you prefer cycling or walking, 2-star or 4-star, small group or self guided, land, river or sea – UTracks helps you explore Europe exactly the way you want.

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Want to walk around Mont Blanc? It's been described by many as one of the world's most scenic hikes - rivalling the Himalaya, Patagonia and Peru's Inca Trail. Watch to see why. View Mont Blanc trips:  View all European walking trips: View all UTracks trips:  About Walking Mont Blanc  Sitting on the Italian and French border is Western Europe’s highest mountain – Mont Blanc. At 4810m, some underestimate the scale of Mont Blanc and the other 4000m+ peaks in this region of the European Alps. Whether standing on the valley floor, or crossing a panoramic pass, the magnitude and beauty of this wilderness region will definitely leave an impression on you.  Mont Blanc is permanently covered in snow and ice, hence it’s name. The literal translation for Mont Blanc is ‘White Mountain’. In French, the mountain is often referred to as La Dame blanche ('the White Lady') and in Italian Mont Blanc is often referred to as Il Bianco ('the White One').  The Mont Blanc massif was first climbed in 1786, and the ascent gave birth to modern day mountaineering. It is not only a region for climbers however, walking in Mont Blanc has become so popular that the region is now the third most visited natural site in the world. Anyone who travels here will soon see why.  Few will capture the true beauty of the European Alps’ highest peak and surrounding mountains with a fleeting visit to famous towns such as Chamonix. To truly do justice with the picture postcard views of spectacular mountain vistas and alpine landscapes a walk in the Mont Blanc region is a must.  There are a number of trails open to walkers of various fitness levels. Without doubt the most famous Mont Blanc trek is the classic Tour du Mont Blanc, however families and walkers of various abilities can choose a trail to suit their fitness level.  About UTracks  UTracks offers a number of treks and walks around sections of Mont Blanc, as well as the full 'Tour du Mont Blanc' circumnavigation. You can walk as part of a guided Mont Blanc walk or choose to travel from hut to hut on your own on a Mont Blanc self guided walk.  UTracks have over 450 trips across the active travel spectrum: from relaxed cycling in the Loire Valley, to discovering iconic Camino trails, to challenging hikes around Mont Blanc.   Walking or cycling, 2-star or 4-star, small group or self guided, land, river or sea - UTracks can help you explore Europe exactly the way you want. Learn more at  Follow UTracks:

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