One of the boats used on our Greek Island Bike & Sail trip Cycling in the Greek Islands Sailing boats in the harbour of Hydra, Peloponnese Islands |  <i>Tom Panagos</i> A picturesque port town on our bike & boat trip in Greece
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Greece Bike & Sail Tours: The Best Greek Island Holidays

Discover Greece on an affordable cycle and sail vacation

One of the quintessential trips to Europe has to be a bike and sail tour of Greece. There's the incredible beauty of its islands, the fascinating history of the ancient Greeks, and the positively divine food and wine to eat. All while cycling along the spectacular beaches and lush canyons and sailing the glorious blue waters around Greece.

Explore the best of the Greek Island by bike and boat on one of these four top trips. Whether you choose the Ionian, Peloponnese, Saronic or Cyclade Islands, you're bound to have an unforgettable time. Accompanying you on your journey is a professional local guide who can aid your pronunciation, present the enthralling history and explain cultural quirks.

One other thing to note is that many of these boat-based cycling tours have an electric bike option, which takes the pressure off less confident cyclists (hear how an electric bike helped one traveller keep up with the group).

Here are the best bike and sail tours in Greece.


  1. Ionian Islands Bike and Sail tour

  2. Magnificent views in the Ionian Islands


    Explore the stunning Ionian Sea on the Ionian Islands Bike and Sail tour. This journey leads you to some of Greece's most iconic islands, including Corfu, Ithaca and Paxos. This is an 8 day guided cycle that is graded moderate to challenging, however the availability of e-bikes will make this trip more achievable to all.

    Highlights of this vacation include seeing the green bird sanctuary on Lefkas island, admiring the beautiful olive woods in Paxos, and simply enjoying the laidback lifestyle of the Greek locals as they warmly welcome you with their authentic hospitality.

  3. Greek Islands Bike and Boat tour

  4. Explore the Cyclades Islands on our Greek Island Bike & Sail trip

    Experience the best of the Greek Islands on the iconic Greek Islands Bike and Boat tour. Start in Greece's capital, Athens, and slowly make your way through the Aegean Sea, stopping off at key towns in the Cyclades island chain. Discover Poros, Kea, Kythros and Siphnos, each destination filled with unique fishing villages and an interesting story to tell.

    This is a highly rated tour, as Peter Batterham from Australia describes it:

    "Narelle and I thoroughly enjoyed our cycling adventure. The crew of eight were great. The chef provided delicious authentic Greek meals. The boat was comfortable and the captain very experience. The daily rides on the various Islands were very stimulating with great scenery and beach swims. The as new hybrid bikes where very comfortable to ride and perfectly maintained. The head guide Tina was exceptional. You couldn't have asked for a more professional and capable tour leader. This was our first guided cycling tour with UTracks and it definitely won't be our last. Peter." 

  5. Peloponnese and Saronic Islands Bike and Sail tour

  6. The seaport town of Nafplio in the Peloponnese


    Experience one of Greece's most interesting regions on the Peloponnese and Saronic Islands bike and boat tour. The Peloponnese area has a 5000 year history that's waiting for you to uncover, and the local chefs have perfected the delicious Greek cuisine (seafood is unbelievable!). 

    Explore the traffic free island of Hydra where donkeys are still widely used, breathe in the delicious herbal scents of the islands of Poros and Spetses, and become Indiana Jones as you look at ancient treasures such as the Cyclopean Walls, the Lion Gate and the volcanic peninsula of Methana.

  7. Greek Islands Family Adventure

  8. Kids enjoying a bike ride in the Greek Islands |  <i>Gordon Steer</i>


    Off the west coast of Greece lie the idyllic Ionian Islands: the waters here are mirror-like and some of the clearest you will ever see. It’s the perfect setting for your family’s sailing and cycling adventure

    Take your family to elegant Corfu where a two-masted wooden motor yacht is prepared ready for you to board. This is a family-friendly active holiday in Greece on which cycling distances are kept to a minimum. In the mornings, your guide on board will offer advice, suggestions and ideas for the day ahead. Your kids are bound to have a fabulous time visiting the islands of Lefkada, Cephalonia and Ithaca (the alleged home of Odysseus), as well as Meganisi and Paxos, where time seems to have stood still.


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