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Latvia Cycle Holidays

We agree with the official Latvian Tourist Offices slogan - it's best enjoyed slowly.

Latvia offers many contrasts, from its living culture (despite the influence of much stronger and larger countries surrounding it they still speak their own language) and traditions to the European art nouveau metropolis that is its capital city, Riga. Following the safe cycle route along the Baltic Coast and then even further inland past castles and untouched forests, you'll gain a wonderful glimpse into this resilient country.

Combining Latvia with one of the other Baltic countries, either Estonia or Lithuania, is a wonderful way to experience the Baltic coastline and to get a sense of the many differences between the fascinating Baltic countries.

moderate  |  9 days
Relish the varied landscapes, enchanting folklore and rich traditions of these proud Baltic nations
moderate to challenging  |  8 days
Learn about Latvia and Lithuania's rich history as you explore the changing landscapes of the Baltic coastline
moderate  |  8 days
Explore the coastal landscapes and traditional countryside of Lithuania on a circular cycle from Klapeida
introductory to moderate  |  11 days
Explore the contrasting cultures and natural landscapes along the Baltic coastline connecting Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
moderate  |  11 days
A self guided supported cycle through Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania exploring the contrasting cultures and natural landscapes of the Baltic
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