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Europe Snowshoe Holidays – Winter walking

Winter in Europe provides a refreshing opportunity to experience some of the continents classic alpine landscapes via a snowshoeing holiday. Winter trekking is naturally a little more demanding however the rewards are equally greater as you experience a true winter wonderland during the day before returning to charming, warm accommodations featuring cosy fires and amazing food each night.

Snowshoes provide the best way to walk during winter. Ordinarily, walking through thigh deep snow in regular boots would involve your foot sinking completely into the snow making progression very slow and arduous. Snowshoes, which rely on the idea of flotation, distributes your weight evenly to reduce sinkage, allowing you to cover a similar distance to normal hiking with only slightly more effort. Snowshoes have evolved over the years from a webbed structure made out of wood and animal hide dating back over 4000 years to the lightweight modern metal versions available today. The snowshoes fit easily onto a trekking boot, and poles can also be used for balance. Anyone who can walk can use snowshoes, although it may take an hour or so to get used to a slightly more exaggerated walking style. Uphill is not as hard as you may think, with front spikes that grip the snow, allowing you to ascend slopes with relative ease.

UTracks offers some fantastic snowshoeing holidays in France and Iceland.

moderate  |  5 days
A journey to discover the magic of Iceland in winter, by jeep and snowshoe
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