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It's no myth, Greece most certainly 'is the word' when it comes to idyllic, active holiday escapes to one of Europe's most enticing sun drenched destinations. Greece, with its 1400+ islands, has one of the world's longest coastlines, making it just ripe to explore on a cycle and sail holiday. For walkers, over 80% of Greece is mountainous which means some sensational walking holiday itineraries from Crete to the mainland.

Our range of walking and cycle & sail based holidays in Greece will take you by boat well beyond the many busy ports and tourist centres of Greece and out to explore by bicycle and on foot more traditional, white washed villages where the hospitality of the local people is as generous now as it ever was.

Our active holidays in Greece have proven to be very popular. Our Greece bike and boat holidays both explore the unspoilt beaches, backroads, ancient ruins and less visited villages of either the Ionian or Aegean islands; our Crete Mountains & Coast combines the high peaks and rugged coast, featuring quaint beaches as well as the longest gorge in Europe; and our Mount Olympus Guided Walk offers the legendary hike to the home of the ancient Greek gods.

introductory to moderate  |  8 days
Discover the ancient sites of Athens and Delphi as well as the impressive 'floating' monasteries of Meteora on foot
introductory to moderate  |  8 days
A guided walking journey to discover the ancient sites of Athens, Delphi and the 'floating' monasteries of Meteora
moderate  |  8 days
Explore the ancient cities, mountains and villages along Crete's southwest coast on foot
moderate  |  8 days
Explore on foot the ancient cities, mountains and villages along Crete's southwest coast
moderate  |  8 days
Discover Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands. Walk in Samaria and Imbros Gorge and hike in the White Mountains
introductory to moderate  |  8 days
Cruise the azure waters of the Aegean and cycle to ancient ruins and unspoilt beaches
Introductory  |  8 days
Get active in the Ionian Islands of Greece with the family on this fun multi-activity adventure
moderate  |  8 days
Discover the Ionian islands, including Ithaca, Cephalonia and Corfu, by bike and boat
introductory to moderate  |  7 days
Experience the simple life at the male-only monastic republic of Mt Athos during this walk back in time to the Middle Ages
moderate to challenging  |  4 days
Ascend to the legendary home of Zeus, the peaks of Mount Olympus
introductory to moderate  |  8 days
A superb week of walks exploring the best vistas and mesmerising mythology of these two Aegean gems
moderate to challenging  |  8 days
Explore the quiet Zagoria Villages in the Pindos Mountains of Greece. Descend the famous Vikos Gorge, enjoy spectacular vistas from cliff tops and high passes, visit ancient settlements and experience friendly hospitality.
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