What is a Private Group?

A private group is a specially tailored itinerary for basically any group size from 2 to 20 or beyond.

You may be a family looking to tailor an experience to suit the kids, a cycling or walking club looking to travel together, a school planning an overseas educational experience, a group of friends or even a couple planning your honeymoon.

There is no limit on what makes up a private group, it’s simply a customised tour made just for you and the people you want on the tour.

Why would I consider Private Group Travel in Europe?

Flexibility is one reason. Keeping within a budget is another.

Since you are in charge of creating the tour to suit your exact needs, you can set the pace, the itinerary, the style of accommodation, group size, whether meals are or are not included – just about every aspect of the tour.

Do customised Private Tours cost more than regular tours?

The quick answer is no – but it does depend on the type of tour your planning. A barge based tour, for example, would obviously cost more if you only had 6 people!

Our most popular cycling and walking tours can be a little cheaper if you have enough people in your group. A good starting group size to achieve competitive prices is 6 people. Talk to us to learn more about how you could save by creating a private group.

Want to travel for free?

In most cases and where the trip is custom made, if you organise a group of 10 or more we can provide the group leader a free of charge place on the land portion of the trip.

How do I begin?

Simple. Just get in touch with us and talk to one of our experienced staff. They’ll ask you the right questions in order to supply you with a free quotation. Once we get it exactly how you want then you can go ahead and book.

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